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Insignia Library System for K-12

Operate as a Centralized District or as Individual Sites

Significantly reduced unnecessary purchase costs by having the ability to purchase and catalog resources centrally. Even in a decentralized system, schools can share books easily with Insignia's Intra-Library Loan. As well you can maintain the integrity of catalog records by sharing one MARC record across all library sites.

As well, district-level installation means that a student's loans follow them from school to school ensuring valuable district resources are never lost.

Fully integrated Resource Management

Catalog and circulate library items, textbooks, or assets from a single interface. This allows you to easily and effectively‚vely keep track of all the resources a student currently has on loan in one place.

Efficiently checkout Items to an Entire Class!

With Insignia’s Homeroom Checkout, you can circulate items out to each student in an entire class in under 2minutes.

The graphical interface uses Students Photos organized by Homeroom, Grade or Custom Group. This unique checkout feature is especially useful when an entire class is in the library at once.

Take Advantage of Single Sign-On Capabilities

Link Insignia Library System to the Student Information System or
Active Directory so Students, Teachers, and Librarians only need
one ID and Password to access any technology in the district.
The single sign on capability can be extended to include access
to third-party databases your district already subscribes to;
including EBSCO, Gale, Britannica and many more.

If connected to the student record database, Insignia library
system can bring in information such as Student Photos,
Class Schedule, Homeroom teacher, and Grade Level.

Create an Interactive Experience with Discovery Layer

Federated Search is also available to see catalog records alongside digital collections and third party online databases such as ProQuest, EBSCO, and Gale.

Through Discovery Layer, you have control to create a social space for your students to search the catalog and interact with the library. It is customizable to match school or district branding and just like all aspects of Insignia it is easy-to-use.

Connect your online catalog with your school's website or your Twitter and Facebook through built-in social media templates.

Set different search interfaces based on grade level: Kids, Simple, and Advanced search work well for Elementary, Middle, and High schools respectively.

Simple Search

Advanced Search

Kids Search